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Auto Insurance Pittsburgh

If you are a woman driver in Pittsburgh looking to save money on your car insurance, the good news is that auto insurers offer competitive rate with a very good range of benefits. This is because the claims made by women tend to cost less than those made by male drivers of the same age.

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The average cost of insurance for women between 30 and 50 years is cheaper than men the same age. So what benefits should a woman look for when purchasing car insurance?

Replacement car

In the event that your car has been badly damaged, you will want a policy that provides you with a replacement car until you car can be fixed. Many insurance companies in Pittsburgh have 24 hour hotlines so regardless the time of day, you will not be stranded.

Replacement car seats

If you want coverage for child safety seats, most comprehensive plans will replace the child safety and booster seats in case of auto theft, accident damage, fire or theft.

Key replacement or lock-outs

Remote control keys are very expensive to replace, upwards of $200 per key depending on the make and model of your car. If you are prone to losing your keys or locking your keys in your car and requiring a locksmith to come open your vehicle, you may want to add this feature to your plan which

Coverage of personal possessions

It is not automatic that a car insurance plan will cover personal possessions damaged or stolen from your vehicle. In fact, these items are more commonly covered by your homeowner's policy. If you do not carry homeowner's insurance in Pittsburgh, you will want to find an auto insurance plan that will cover your needs.

Help with the recovery of uninsured losses

Before buying a policy; it is worth it to see whether the insurer offers assistance in the recovery of uninsured losses. If you do, you will have the reassurance that in case of an accident caused by a another person that you will receive professional help to try to recover uninsured losses, even loss of income if you are not able to work. Some policies also provide assistance to help pursue a personal injury claim after an accident.

Car Safety

A great way to reduce the cost of your auto insurance in Pittsburgh is to ask about safety discounts. Does your car have seatbelts? Does your car have anti-lock brakes? Do you have an anti-theft device? In addition, be sure to park in your garage with the door shut, this will protect your car, not only from theft but from the weather elements that can cause damage. If you do not have a garage, then be sure to park under a streetlight.

Improving the safety of your car can also help reduce the premium of your auto insurance. Insurers can advise on car safety devices that have discounts. Tracking devices and immobilizers are able to attract the best discounts.

Auto Insurance Pittsburgh

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