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Media D'Vine Announces Launch of Seguro-Insurance.com

Orlando, FL – Central Florida based insurance marketing agency Media D'Vine launches a website that will assist internet surfing Hispanics locate insurance agencies that provide services in Spanish. Though many U.S. Hispanics speak English, rapport and relationships are more easily built when insurance agencies provide services in Spanish.

“It is sometimes difficult for some Latinos to seek out insurance or financial products because of the language barrier and an unclear understanding of insurance benefits. The demand for online bilingual marketing will continue to grow dramatically within the next decade.” says Sales and Marketing Director Christee Fontanez.

Chief Editor/Copywriter Tom Killian claims: “In recent years the insurance industry has marketed heavily to the Hispanic population. Some companies have had relatively good success while others still struggle to get their message across. With recent research we have recognized that this annual billion dollar spending group has a strong need for the service we provide. Middle class Hispanics, just like non-Hispanics whites, have shown to secure and provide for the future of their children with insurance/financial related goods.”

Media D'Vine will begin targeting highly populated Hispanic cities across the U.S. with a variety of campaigns and websites optimized in both English and Spanish. Hispanic visitors will have access to articles and information relating to insurance products as well as financial investments.

Media D'Vine will deliver premium marketing vehicles to advertisers and enable firms to maximize the generation of leads across a wide variety of digital media channels on its flagship website Seguro-Insurance.com. The nationwide network of Spanish speaking insurance agencies will be instrumental in helping U.S. Latinos find reliable, informative online insurance resources and products.


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