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Auto Insurance San Diego

Saving money on car insurance in San Diego is not as hard as you think. Below are some suggestions for getting the best auto insurance coverage without paying a lot for it.

Compare policies: Auto insurance policies are not a “one size fits all”. We all have different requirements when it comes to what needs to be insured and for how much. One insurance company may not cover your specific needs within the scope of their standard policy and you may end up paying more for adding it on. Contact different insurance carriers until you find the one that fits you.

Compare insurance carriers: It is not always advisable to go for the “cheapest” company. Research the different insurance carriers in San Diego and read customer reviews. More importantly, read how they handle claims and pay outs. What saves you a few dollars each month could cost you more if you have an accident and you need to rent a car for an extended period of time because your insurance carrier moves too slowly.

Have an emergency fund: For minor repairs, it is sometimes better to pay for it out-of-pocket versus issuing a claim through your insurance, which could potentially raise your rates and take longer to have fixed.

Research insurance before buying a car: If you are looking to buy a car in San Diego, shop around for insurance first. Auto insurance is required by law, so it is best to work the monthly cost into your budget along with the monthly cost of the vehicle. Keep in mind, the newer the car and especially the sportier and faster the car, the higher your insurance rates will be. If you simply have to have the sports car, perhaps look at a used vehicle. The cost of insurance reduces for older cars.

Choose a higher deductible: Insurance companies need to make their money somewhere. If you choose a lower deductible (which reduces the amount you pay when a claim is filed, and increases the pay-out from the insurance carrier) then your monthly premiums will be very high. The higher the deductible, the less the insurance company has to pay-out initially when a claim is filed, then the less your monthly premium will be. Make sure that you have an emergency fund or enough cash available to cover the higher deductible though.

Reduce your coverage: If you drive an older car, then it doesn't make sense to have it insured for 10 times the value. The policy you purchased when you bought your car may no longer fit your needs. Revisit your insurance provider and ask that your needs be reassessed.

Consolidate your insurance policies: Many insurance carriers are giving discounts when you have more than one policy with them. If you have your car insurance, home insurance and life insurance with different companies then contact each one and ask them what the cost would be if you moved all three insurance policies with them. (Keep in mind life insurance coverage is based on health and age – so if you are significantly older or in poor health, you may not want to cancel this insurance)

Maintain good credit: People with poor credit are considered a risk, since to the insurance company if you make poor choices financially then you may make poor choices while driving. (This may not be the truth, but since they do not know you personally, this is all they have to go by). If your credit is poor, then focus on repairing it by making timely payments and eliminate debt.

Ask about discounts: Insurance carriers do not always tell you about certain discounts they have available, so ask. If you carpool or put less than 9,000 miles on your car per year or use your car infrequently, you may be eligible for discounts.

Look for additional discounts: Insurers in San Diego offer discounts to policyholders who have not had an accident or been ticketed for several years. There are also discounts if you take a defensive driving course. If you are a young driver and good student you can qualify for a discount.

Check your insurance on an annual basis. Assess your needs to determine if the policy you are paying for still meets your needs. Life changes constantly, make sure your coverage changes with you.

Auto Insurance San Diego

Home Insurance San Diego

Whether your home or condominium is paid off or not, home insurance protection is a necessity. There are essentially 4 components to every home insurance plan that you should know when shopping around: Deductibles, Premiums (or rates), Discounts and Coverage options.


The deductible in a home insurance policy is the amount you agree to pay when a claim is made prior to the insurance company paying a settlement amount towards damage sustained as a result of theft, storm, fire or some other naturally occurring calamity. The higher your deductible amount, the less the insurance company has to pay, who then pass those savings onto you in the form of lower monthly premiums. Raising your deductible from $1000 to $2500, can substantially lower your premium costs, even up to 25% lower, however whatever deductible you choose, make sure you have the ability to cover it when the time comes.

Premiums (or rates)

Premiums are the payments you make monthly, semi-annually or annually. Most home insurance policies are written in 6 month brackets and automatically renew every 6 months as long as payments have been made consistently. To save a little money, try to pay your premiums semi-annually or every 6 months, or talk to your San Diego insurance agent about an annual contract and then pay your premium once a year. There are administrative costs associated with monthly statements or monthly drafts from your account and insurance companies pass those costs onto you. By paying once or twice a year you eliminate these extra fees and can save up to 5% to 10% of your total bill.


San Diego insurance companies look at 3 main factors when determining discounts for you home insurance plan: Credit score, customer loyalty and multiple policies.

Credit score - Just like when you purchased your home, credit score plays a largest part in determining how much you will pay for home insurance. The lower your credit rating, the more the insurance company sees you as irresponsible and reckless. Before you purchase a home and subsequently home insurance, order a copy of your credit report and clean up any areas that are incorrect or easy to solve. Create a budget to help you pay your debt-to-income ratio down.

Customer loyalty

Insurance companies like loyal customers and reward them for being so. Staying with a company for several years without excessive claims wins high marks and more discounts in most cases. Contact your insurance agent or insurance company in San Diego directly and ask about loyalty discounts. If there are none available, then consider taking your business elsewhere. Many companies are will to reward you for time spent with a competitor company simply by switching to them thereby giving you the insurance rates you want, without losing your time spent as a valued customer.

Multiple policies

The more business you have with an insurance company, the less likely you are to move your business elsewhere. This is why insurance companies give discounts for multiple insurance plans. If you already have your home insurance and auto insurance with the same company, see if you are receiving a discount. If you are, see if you can get even more discounts by having your life insurance or health insurance with them. Keep in mind though, health and life insurance plans are based on age and current medical condition, do not cancel your old policies until your new ones are approved.

Coverage options

Have the right home insurance coverage in San Diego is critical to your financial security. Being over-insured is a waste of money, but being underinsured can be devastating financially at the time a claim is made. Should your home sustain damage and your personal property damaged or destroyed, you want to make sure your home insurance plan replaces or rebuilds the items in your home, not simply give you current market value. A good example is your home catches fire. To replace your front door will cost you around $600 at the local hardware chain. However, since your front door is 20 years old, the insurance company may only give you $100 since that is its current market value. See the difference?

You will also want to make certain you have liability protection. Liability protection insurance protects you in two ways. Should someone become injured in your home or on your property, then this portion of your home insurance will cover their medical expenses up to the money amount you choose. It also protects your assets and home should someone decide to sue you for damages in a court of law; your liability provision will cover the legal costs and judgement, again up to the monetary limit you have set.

Home Insurance San Diego

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Shopping for Insurance and getting fast quotes has never been easier than on the internet. Whether needing Insurance Quotes for Auto Home Life or Health in San Diego, Seguro-Insurance can help you find affordable insurance agencies willing and able to work with your insurance needs. There are many San Diego insurance agencies that offer online insurance quotes. At Seguro-Insurance we are committed to assist our online users in San Diego find car insurance as well as Life Health and Home coverage quotes at a price that they can afford.

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