Affordable Health Insurance Plans

In order to find affordable health insurance, a person must be willing to take the time to investigate several options and also need to assess their medical situation appropriately. With so many plan to choose from and from so many insurance carriers, it may seem confusing at first, but by narrowing down the coverage you actually need, in the end you will save yourself a lot of time and a lot of extra money.

The first thing you need to so when deciding to buy health insurance is to determine what kind of medical coverage you need. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you take prescriptions regularly?

Do you have a medical condition that requires regular doctor visits? Specialist visits?

If you are a woman, do you plan on having more children or is there a chance you could become pregnant?

Do you have small children?

What amount can you pay comfortably in the form of a deductable? $1000? $7500?

Can you afford to cover basic doctor visits, but simply want a plan to cover anything major like disease, surgery or hospitalization?

Depending on how you answer these questions will determine which direction you take when buying health insurance. It will also be helpful to know your monthly budget and determine what you can actually afford.

Once you decide on a health insurance plan that best suits you and/or your family, there are still additional ways to save money.

Paying your premiums annually will usually save you quite a bit of money versus paying monthly. If you cannot make an annual payment, see what options you have for semi-annual or quarterly.

Raising your deductable. Just like car insurance or home insurance, the higher your deductable the lower your premiums. Just be certain you do not raise your deductable higher than you are capable of paying.

Eliminate bells and whistles. Many health insurance companies try to sell additional riders or attachments to their plans such a life insurance, vision and dental, prescription plans. Depending on your current health, many times you can obtain a life insurance plan for less money if you buy it separately and with more and more stores and pharmacies offering their own drug plans, depending on what type of prescriptions you typically take, you may be able to find free prescriptions or reduced cost prescriptions if you simply take the time to research your marketplace.

Exercise and eat right. This seems like common sense, but looking at the nation's statistics, this is easier said than done. If you really want to save money on health insurance, then take care of yourself. By maintaining a proper eating and exercise routine, you will eliminate a lot of the health problems and medications necessary when a person is overweight or eating junk food all the time. The end results…the less money an insurance company has to pay to keep you well, the less money you will have to pay to keep their insurance.

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