Catastrophic Health Insurance

For many healthy individuals, who are rarely sick and are not taking any prescriptions for chronic medical conditions, the thought of paying for health insurance is like throwing money away. Catastrophic health insurance may be a great money-saving alternative for those families who want to insure against any major illness or hospitalization, but don't mind paying out-of-pocket for those rare occasions they may need to visit the Doctor.


Like any health insurance plan, catastrophic insurance has many deductibles and plans to choose from which can vary the premium (cost) greatly. Though created largely to cover a catastrophic medical event such as disease, lengthy hospital stay or major surgery, you can add supplemental riders that will off-set the cost of physicals and diagnostic fees.


In addition to lower cost, there are also tax benefits to having a catastrophic health insurance plan such as paying the insurance premium with pre-tax dollars. You may also be able to deduct some of the premium cost giving you additional tax savings.

To discuss your catastrophic health insurance options and find out if you qualify for additional tax savings, contact a local health insurance agent in your area.


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