Teenager Auto Insurance, Getting Coverage for Your Teen

Have a teenager of driving age in your home? Then you know first-hand how expensive car insurance is for young drivers. As far as insurance companies are concerned teenagers are a risk behind the wheel. They have less experience and statistics show they have more accidents than any other driving group.

To find cheap car insurance for your young driver follow these tips:

Family plan

Most people think by having their teenager insured through a separate company that they will save money. This simply is not always true. Your current insurance carrier wants to protect itself from any liability and will automatically insure your teen. Save yourself from paying double premium amounts by simply adding them to a family plan.

Shop around

Even if you have been with the same company for many years, it doesn't hurt to cost compare. Like interest rates, insurance premiums can fluctuate as well. In some cases, a newer policy can give you more coverage for less money simply because they have added new benefits to plans and eliminated old ones that do not pertain to your family's needs any more. Some insurance companies will also offer incentives for switching to them.


Unfortunately, an insurance company doesn't have much history to review when it comes to your child's driving record, however, they can look at school records and give discounts for good grades and safety courses your teen has taken.

Bundle your coverage

A great way to save on insurance costs over all is to bundle your different insurance plans with one company. All the major insurance carriers now cover car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, in addition to other plans like disability and health. By switching your insurances to one provider, a person can hopefully save enough money to offset some of the premium added by insuring a teen driver.

Avoid distraction

In time, the cost of insurance for your teenage driver will go down as they gain more experience behind the wheel without incident. Texting while driving and car accidents are increasingly common in the U.S. Some things you can do as a parent to help reduce the likelihood of an accident is to get your teen a hands-free base for their cell phone and prohibit your child from driving his or her friends everywhere they go until they get better at driving.

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