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Since 2008 we have specialized in online insurance lead generation and marketing. has assisted insurance agents attract Spanish-speaking clientele in the U.S. through targeted SEO with our user-friendly platform to increase qualified leads.
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Spanish-speaking prospects are an untapped market for many insurance agents. In the United States, there are more than 35 million Hispanics who speak Spanish as their primary language.

The number of Spanish-speaking clients is on the rise, which means that it’s time for property and casualty agents to start thinking about how to reach them and turn these prospects into customers.

The best types of sales leads are “fresh” leads. Our platform has helped hundreds of agents find prospects who speak Spanish and have shown an interest in purchasing insurance products now. is designed and optimized specifically for this demographic.

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Based in Orlando, FL, our team of digital and marketing experts specialize in bilingual SEO for various professional industries that has a direct and track-able impact on revenue.

Our job is to get your agency on top of search engine queries so that potential customers can contact you directly.

Generating Fresh Leads - Better Than Buying

Buy or Generate Leads

Every successful agency wants targeted online leads; but it’s not always easy. Part of this is due to the ever growing number of internet competitors. So the crucial question remains; should your agency generate or buy insurance leads?

Our many years of strategy testing and analysis shows that potential client leads that contact you directly are of superior value than most bought leads.

Leads are time-sensitive, especially those regarding insurance quotes. Conversion rate is also higher when followed up promptly. That’s why we don’t farm-out or resell old leads…We deliver warm, quality leads to you!

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In today’s electronic marketplace, customers not only expect an online presence but also are more likely to trust a company who provides information and useful resources.

If your agency is seeking to increase leads from a diverse market in need of car insurance, home insurance, renters coverage and more, then can implement a marketing strategy to help you succeed.

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We offer both Featured listings and State-wide listings to Licensed Insurance Agents selling Auto, Motorcycle, Home, Condo, Renters, Recreational Vehicle, Flood or Earthquake insurance products and services in the U.S.

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