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    Who We Are & What We Do

    Since 2008 we have specialized in online insurance lead generation and marketing for various professional industries. has helped insurance agents attract Spanish-speaking clientele in the U.S. through targeted SEO and user-friendly platforms to increase qualified leads.

    Based in Orlando, FL, our team of digital and marketing experts specialize in bilingual SEO that has a direct and track-able impact on revenue.

    Generate Your Own Leads - Better Than Buying

    Buy or Generate Leads

    Agencies and agents often face the challenge of increasing leads online. Part of this is due to the ever growing number of internet competitors. So the crucial question remains; should your agency generate or buy insurance leads?

    At we believe that potential client leads sent directly to you (and ONLY you) are of superior value than most bought leads.

    Leads are time-sensitive, especially those regarding insurance quotes. Conversion rate is also higher when followed up promptly. That’s why we don’t farm-out or sell leads…We get you direct leads!

    Our job is to get your agency on top of search engine queries so that potential customers can contact you directly.

    Online Insurance Marketing

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    In today’s electronic marketplace, customers not only expect an online presence but also are more likely to trust a company who provides information and useful resources.

    If your agency is seeking to increase leads from a diverse market in need of car insurance, home insurance, health coverage and more, then can implement a marketing strategy to help you succeed.

    We offer both featured listings and free basic listings to Licensed Insurance Agents selling Auto Insurance, Home, Life, Health or Financial Insurance products and services in the U.S.

    Online Insurance Marketing

    Free Directory Listings

    Free basic listing will feature agency or agent name, location/address, clickable phone number. Free listings are featured below featured listings.

    Premium & Ultimate Listings

    Boost and generate traffic through link building in your marketplace with a “Premium Ad” or “Ultimate Listing”. Featured listings will lock you into top spot in your city.

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