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Auto Insurance Commerce City

The reason most consumers in Commerce City end up spending too much on their car insurance is that they seldom revisit their plan after they have purchased it. Learn some quick ways to save money on car insurance by following these tips:

· Increase the deductible amount. On a car insurance plan, the deductible is the amount you pay after an accident has occurred before the insurance company covers anything. The higher the deductible you are willing to pay, the less you then have to pay towards your monthly premiums. By increasing your deductible to $500 or even $1000 you can save a significant amount of money on your car insurance.

· As a car ages, it loses its value. This is called depreciation. If your older car is “totaled” in an accident, just because the vehicle is insured for $50,000 doesn't mean the insurance company will pay that amount. The car insurance company will only pay current value. To save money, estimate the current value of your car and adjust your coverage amounts accordingly.

· Don't purchase unnecessary extras. If you already have a good health insurance or disability insurance plan, then buy only the minimum personal injury coverage. Some car insurance plans offer add-ons or riders that cover hospital or medical costs. Hospitals can only bill one health insurance provider and will bill the one that covers the most.

· If you really want to save money on car insurance, avoid the fast, shiny, new sports car. The more money the insurance company has to potentially pay out to repair a car, the more you will have to pay to insure that car. When shopping for a car, choose the more economical vehicle or buy a used car.

· Most of the top insurance companies offer a “low mileage discount”. They figure the less you drive your car, the less likely you will be in an accident. Find alternative ways to work or school: carpool, ride a bike or take public transportation.

· The safer your car, the more responsible you appear to the car insurance company. Many of the insurance carriers in Commerce City will offer discounts if you have automatic seatbelts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights or certain security systems.

· Teenagers, especially male teenagers, have the highest insurance rates versus any other age group across the nation. Contact several companies; some insurance providers will give certain discounts for teenagers. In almost all situations, your teenager will have to maintain a high grade point average and pass a safety driving course. There may also be discounts if your child goes to college over 100 miles from home or is affiliated with certain associations or clubs.

· Combine your insurance policies. Insurance companies in Commerce City are becoming more and more competitive with one another. You can save quite a bit of money on your car insurance if you cover all your vehicles, including motorcycles, trailers and recreational vehicles with one carrier. You can save even more money if you buy life insurance or home insurance with the same insurer.

· Be sure to ask about all other discounts available. You may qualify for additional savings if you are over a certain age, if you are retired from the military, and especially if you haven't had any traffic violations or accidents during the past few years.

· Determine if you really need emergency roadside assistance. If you have already purchased AAA or some other roadside assistance program, then it probably isn't necessary to pay for this add-on to your car insurance. Some states even offer free roadside assistance along major highways, though you may have to check online to find out their hours and requirements.

Auto Insurance Commerce City

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