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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are caught off guard when their car is damaged by either a car accident, by severe storms, theft, flood or fire.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take now to ensure if one of these calamities happens to you, that you are prepared to handle the situation:

• Know the name of your insurance agent. Most people keep records and contacts online or figure they can look up their agent's information on the internet, however, if you car is damaged due to storm or flood; you may not have power to check the internet. Keep copies of your insurance cards with your agent's name and phone # in your car, in your wallet and in a fire-proof box at home.

• Know your coverage. Make it a point to review your Charlotte auto insurance policy at least once a year so you fully understand your benefits and what your auto policy covers and what it doesn't.

Some tips to find the best auto insurance plan in Charlotte are:

• Know your own profile. Insurers use pre-set algorithms to determine your auto insurance premiums. They use personal information such as age, geography, type and age of your car, how many miles you intend to drive each year, etc. From here they can offer certain discounts based on credit score, driving record, safety features on your car, certain organizations you are a member of, etc.

• Shop around Charlotte. As with any purchase, compare prices and insurance plans and see which one best suits your needs. Discounts available:

When searching for car insurance, sometimes you have to take it upon yourself to ask about certain discounts. For the most part insurance agents will ask you about the most common safety features, but they may not think to go into detail.

Security features. Newer cars, more often than not, have already had some type of safety mechanism installed. Be sure to let your insurance agent know if you have a more advanced anti-theft device installed such as immobilizers, glass etching (for recovery), and locators.

Multiple policies. Auto insurance companies strive to earn and keep your business. They feel the more insurance policies you have with them; the less likely you will be to switch all your plans to another company. They will even offer a substantial discount, between 5 and 20% off, to those people who insure multiple vehicles, have their home insurance and perhaps life insurance or medical plan through the same company.

Community organizations. Many auto insurance companies will give discounts to those who are affiliated with certain professional and community organizations; alumni groups and even fraternities and sororities. You can also check to see if the insurer has an agreement with your bank. Holders of certain bank credit cards may also qualify for a discount.

Also be sure to check whether the questionnaire deals with any drivers education or defensive driving courses as these can also offer some discounts. One thing to note is redundant or unnecessary coverage. If you have a health insurance policy in Charlotte, you may want to avoid or reduce health coverage that comes with your auto insurance policy.

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