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If you have purchased a new car in Medford Oregon, then you are required by law to purchase car insurance. However, when you're an inexperienced or relatively new driver, there are certain things you should know about your insurance plan to make sure you get the best possible coverage for the best possible rate.

The purpose of car insurance, at least what is required by law, is to cover the costs for repairs and medical expenses of a third party should you get into an accident that is your fault. In situations where the accident was caused by the third party, then it is the responsibility of their insurance to cover the costs of damages to your car and any medical expenses incurred by you. In cases where the third party does not have auto insurance or at least, not enough insurance, then the uninsured motorist provision of your auto insurance plan will cover damages.

In general, your basic auto insurance plan will not cover non-accident claims such as damage caused by fire or theft. For an additional cost (or added premium) you can purchase a provision to your insurance plan that will cover damage caused by: Natural disasters; including fires, floods, hurricanes, landslides, cyclones or earthquakes. Also man-made calamities such as theft, riots, or strikes.

An auto insurance provider will offer many kinds of discounts, one that is becoming popular is an accident forgiveness discount. An auto insurer may apply the following discount rates for each year you go without making a claim:

• First year - 20%
• Second year - 35%
• Third year - 50%
• Fourth year onwards - 65%

Keep in mind, no matter what kind of car insurance you buy in Medford Oregon, your insurance plan will not cover:

• Damage resulting from a riot, or nuclear war
• Depreciation and consequent loss of value
• Mechanical failure and / or electrical failure
• Wear of tires and tubes
• The car is not used for the purposes for which it was purchased (meaning, if you told the auto insurance company you use the vehicle for work only and then you get into an accident while at the beach with friends)
• Damage occurring from driving without a valid license
• Damage is caused by alcohol or drug intoxication
• Daily wear and tear

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