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Auto Insurance Seattle

“Green cars” or “hybrid cars”, which combine an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, will provide great savings at the gas pump, but will they do the same with your Seattle insurance company? Not exactly.

In general, the maximum discount available for hybrid cars is 10%. From there the insurance company must rely on other factors to determine eligibility for such a discount and not all hybrid cars qualify for the hybrid discount.

To receive a hybrid car discount on your Seattle auto insurance policy, your car must be a true hybrid vehicle; meaning the electric motor must power the vehicle until it reaches a certain speed limit or distance before the gasoline engine turns on. Therefore, the hybrid discount will not apply to partial hybrids whose electric motor works in conjunction with the gasoline engine, which is always on.

Auto insurance for hybrid vehicles is subject to the same pricing factors used for any non-hybrid vehicle: credit history, driving record, geographic location, age, number of miles traveled and so on. The value of the car and age are also factors in the amount you will pay for your auto insurance. In addition, the cost for repairs or replacement in the case of accident is higher with hybrid cars, which is another reason why the insurance company may charge more for insurance than a standard, non-hybrid vehicle.

The fuel efficiency that benefits drivers of hybrid vehicles can also be its largest expense when it comes to finding affordable car insurance in Seattle. Since hybrid cars are so economical when it comes to gas consumption, people tend to drive their vehicles more and are more prone to taking long road trips. This increase in mileage versus that of non-hybrid drivers causes their insurance rates to go up since insurance companies assume the more you drive the more likely you will be in an accident.

The make and model of your hybrid vehicle can also cause insurance rates to increase. It used to be that the only hybrid models available were small cars that crawled along the highway at slower speeds. As more and more auto companies in Seattle are trying to keep up with the demand for hybrid options, people are able to choose high end luxury vehicles, sports cars and SUVs all with more fuel efficient engines, which come at a much higher replacement cost.

Auto Insurance Seattle

Home Insurance Seattle

Whether you own a large home in Seattle, a mobile home, a condo, or somewhere in between, you understand the necessity of having home owners insurance. You also understand not wanting to pay too much for it. However, skimping on insurance coverage to save a few dollars can be devastating to you financially should a need ever arise.

To ensure you have the right home insurance coverage, and for the right price, you will need to compare insurance plans with a few companies in Seattle. You should also know the difference between certain insurance plans so that you can determine which plan is going to be best for your situation.

Current value

A home insurance plan that covers your home at current market value may not be enough to cover any damages caused by fire, storm or water intrusion. Market value gives you money based on the current value of an item. For example, you bought your living room set for $2000, and 5 years later you lose them in a house fire, the current value of that set, since it was 5 years old, is maybe $500. So, that's what the insurance company will give you. Now apply this on a much larger scale: your home, the windows, the doors, the electronics, and the rest of your furniture.

If you try to save a little money by insuring your home and personal affects with a plan that replaces at current market value, you could be left with nothing.

Replacement value

Having a home insurance policy that uses replacement cost when figuring damage settlements may cost a little more in monthly premium, but is worth its weight in gold when a claim is submitted. These plans do not factor in depreciation of either your home or its content; so if you sustain damage to your Seattle home the insurance company will give you a check to re-build or replace all items lost to the same specifications they were before.

Having this plan also takes the guess work out of how much to insure your property for. Many people when purchasing a market value insurance plan do not take into consideration all that will need to be rebuilt, such as a garage, a pool enclosure, a storage shed, etc.

When insuring your property at replacement value, it may help to speak with a builder or real estate agent to get an idea of what it would take to rebuild your home and replace your personal items. Most people start by considering how much square footage they have, and then look at the types of materials used in the construction of the home. For example, if you have a 2000 square foot home and have higher quality construction, the average cost to replace your home could work out to $200 per square foot. This equates to a starting point of $400,000 in home insurance coverage. From there you would take on the value of specialty construction such as upgraded kitchen or bathroom remodels; if you have any custom work throughout your Seattle home.

You will also want to make sure your personal items are covered such as; furniture, electronics, jewelry, books and movies if you have an extensive collection, art work. It helps to keep a list of these items as well as pictures. When a claim is made it will make the settlement process quicker and smoother if you can produce a master list with images versus having an adjustor try to figure it all out on his own.

Liability Protection

Often times this piece of insurance protection gets overlooked. Liability protection does two things, it allows for money to cover any medical expenses should someone get injured in or around your property and it also protects your home and assets should someone sue you for damages suffered. This protection does not cost much, and is well worth it to have. Accidents happen; slipping, falling, losing footing on stairs or around pools, dogs biting, windows breaking, water on the floor; any of these have the potential to cause real harm to someone.

Clearly, having the right amount of home insurance coverage is important. Be sure to sit with at least insurance agents until you find the plan that gives you the coverage you want that fits well within your budget.

Home Insurance Seattle

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