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There are many ways to reduce risks in a person's life and the financial burden they may cause. One such way is through insurance. When you enter into a contract with an insurance company, you are essentially transferring financial risk over to the company. Whether life insurance, which pays an agreed upon amount to your survivors; disability insurance, which provides income replacement should an illness or injury prevent you from working or with car insurance, which covers the costs for repairs associated with accidents, in addition to some medical expenses.

As the population increases, so do the amount of drivers on the road making the probability that a person will be in at least one vehicle accident in their lifetime extremely high. It is because of this reason that state administrations require all car owners to obtain and maintain car insurance.

At minimum, “liability coverage” is required. This type of coverage only pays for the injuries and property damage sustained by the other party and does not cover the driver at fault. To make up for this shortfall, most car insurance policies are also written with “collision coverage”.

Just because car insurance is required by the State does not always mean that everyone carries a sufficient amount or any at all. To fully protect yourself financially; it is always recommended that you carry “underinsured motorist” or” uninsured motorist” protection (or UIM). Expenses, whether repairs to your vehicle or medical costs for injuries sustained that would normally be covered under the other parties insurance, would then be covered under your UIM plan.

As long as there are people in close proximity to one another, then there is the potential for risk. Using insurance, especially car insurance, is one way to protect yourself and your assets.


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